About us

MKD Studio (Pty) Ltd

Magnificent Kitchen Designs has opened our brand new Showroom “MKD Studio” at The Colosseum Centre. Cnr Chopin & Delius str. Vanderbijlpark on the 20th of April 2018. Feel free to visit us in order to experience the difference first hand.

We know all about the importance of a beautiful and practical kitchen. A major part of our service is the planning of a custom-designed kitchen with the assistance of our innovative, highly creative designers.

Our Computer-based designs allow prospective buyers to take a virtual video tour through their planned kitchen before the actual work begin.

 MKD Studio

Our Passion

We Love what we do, we are passionate about what we do. After each project it gives enormous pleasure to stand back and admire what we have created and in the same time we stand humbled and in awe of the privilege to be blessed with these unbelievable talents.

Everyone employed at MKD are reborn Christians. We believe in God our Father, Jesus Christ our Saviour and the Holy Spirit. We do everything as if we are doing it for Him and to Glorify His Almighty Name. We live our lives seeking God`s face and enjoying His favour, knowing that we are called to serve our God according to the example that Jesus Christ gave us while He was on earth. We strive to show others His unequalled Love and Grace so they can experience the love of our God through us.

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